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Benjamin W. Paschke

Professional Designer & Creator


Design Thinking

Qualitative insight in the collaborative process of project design.


Knowledge in several different modeling softwares and systems.


Experience in large scale representations of projects.

Graphic design

Skills in designing effective graphics and layouts for marketing and presentation. 


Benjamin is a designer with several years of experience in professional environments. Benjamin excels in digital representations, graphic design, and architectural renderings. He uses modern digital processes, computational design, and advanced modeling techniques using new and experimental tools to best address relevant design problems.

Benjamin will receive his accredited B.A. in Architecture at Iowa State University in May 2019. He has previously worked at Uihlein-Wilson Architects (Now Uihlein-Wilson-Ramlow-Stein) in Milwaukee, WI for two summer internships where he worked on renovation and remodeling projects from UW Madison Witte Hall dorm to Miller Park restaurant and bar areas. He has had another two summer internships working at Pope Architects in Minneapolis, MN where he worked on unit plans and ADA accessibility design for senior living homes as well as digital representations for projects such as Brio of Johnston, IA.