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Education, University, Remodel, Concert Hall, Acoustical Design, Shading System

Iowa State University

Ames, Iowa

Fall 2017

Architecture much like music has programs, forms, and patterns. It is for the purpose of enhancing the human experience that people design for both in architecture and in music composition. The movement through a work of music must be defined, whether it be smooth and legato, or discrete and staccato. The same goes for architecture. The way we move through a building needs to be cleverly crafted to be clear and organized, but spaces also need to be defined and separate when required.


The way we compare the necessities of the spaces to the spatial qualities and the architectural program all loosely intertwine. We could compare the solitary areas of space to solos in music compared to gathering spaces to large ensembles. The language of communicating what a space needs as well as the qualities of each could further emphasize the meaning of the space. The language has potential for further defining the experience of a space. It is in this comparison that we can analyze, revise, and rehearse our designs to be optimal for the human experience.